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August 2014 

While I used to have plans for having an awesome website, I'm really not that concerned anymore. Hence this one page-from-a-template that will save both you and me some precious time to do other things that we love to do. Unless what you love to do is visit awesome websites. Then I apologize for letting you down.

Over there (yep…no…right over…a little to the…YES! right there) are links to places where I tend to be found. Their up-to-date-ness depends on how much life is being lived. If you see me posting a lot at any of those links, you need to remind me to get out more.

In general, my interests include faith, family, flight, FileMaker Pro, music, peacemaking, human nature, alternative building methods, property rights, small town issues, privacy issues, technology, and middleweight philosophy. I am what I call a "B" thinker. If the general solution to a problem is answer "A", then I probably thought of "B" first. Yes, it's a blessing and a curse, but like all tools it can be highly useful when properly applied. I like experimenting, tinkering, perfecting, and sharing. I'm far more content with a tide that can raise all boats rather than accumulating advantages for myself.

As I have said for years right here on my homepage, I am a Jesus freak. But these days, I have to define that phrase or else all sorts of labels and ideas end up getting applied where none are merited. My definition is this: I want to help people so powerfully that others feel inclined to ask, "What motivates you to love others like that?" In my opinion, Jesus freaks are supposed to be doers, not uninvited preachers. The message of Jesus is not one of social correction, but of love to the death - the death of my ego, my desires, my selfishness, and anything else that keeps me from showing what love does. That's what I'm freaky about. So if you think that people should help each other, I agree, and want to be know for doing that, and not just saying it.

I've been married for over twenty years, and have five kids. I absolutely love my family! Life would be horendously boring without them, and we've only just begun. I hope I live long enough to see what they all become. We have homeschooled all of our kids with great success. We would highly recomend homeschooling to others, with the caveat that there are several different types to choose from, ranging from unschooling to setting up a museum-worthy classroom at home. Homeschooling is one of thos things that can cause imaginations to run wild, and realities to dissapoint, so like every other choice, do your research.

For work, I develop software using a database engine called FileMaker Pro. Since 1996, I've helped many businesses figure out what they actually do, and then design and build software to help them do it. I call my company Tranquility Basics and use moon landing imagery because a software project (especially the first one for a business) feels like as much work as a trip to the moon. I wanted a name and an image that would let potential clients know what they were getting into. But the word "tranquility" also refers to the peaceful result of the project. One of my greatest joys in life is watching a business go from an overworked machine to a well-oiled one. The conversion from a stressful existence to a confident and informed one is well worth the effort.

I've got around fifty hours of logged flight time as a pilot. I'm not licensed because those hours were spread over many years. But I'm confident I could land an airliner in an emergency, if that helps any. Flying is really about constantly practcing good decision-making skills. And there's a reason that has to be practiced. I'm looking forward to getting my license in the next year or two and finally checking that off the list.

Years ago, I was a sound engineer for ReelFX. I got to do some cool recording and editing sessions. When I moved into the tape library, that's where I started working with FileMaker Pro…and where everything changed. After leaving ReelFX, I recorded several songs that I had written over the years. I still enjoy music, whether listening, writing, playing, or recording. I get to help with running sound at my local church, and that helps scratch the sound itch.

So that's me in a nutshell. You can find out more about me by following one of my trains of thought. Use the blog or Twitter for business. Use Wordpress and Facebook for personal stuff. And lisetn to Weird Al songs on repeat for a couple of hours to get an idea of what it's like to live inside my head on a typical day. And if there's still something else you have to know, you can email me at web-at-bradstanford-dot-com.